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A Woodside Home

Here’s a few highlights from the brilliant Arty Party show ‘A Woodside Home’ including Arty Party Physical Theatre, Shropshire inclusive Dance and live music by Simon Cresswell. All beautifully filmed by JTV Production and introduced by storyteller Peter Chand. Funded by the BBC Perfoming Arts Fund and Community First.

Many thanks to all the performers and all the people that supported us in making this lovely event.


Arty Party Radio – Week 3

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Our final weeks broadcast the usual exciting mix of drama, interviews and fantastic music brought to you by Jonathan and Chloe with Erica behind the mixing desk. Music by Beat Express, Catherine O’Rourke and The 1st Chancers. A big thanks to European Social Fund for making this all possible.





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Here are some pics and links for the bands on this programme




Beat Express



Catherine O’Rourke


The 1st Chancers

Arty Party Radio Week Two

Sean and Georgie on air

This week Arty Party radio is brought to you from Sean Nightingale and Georgie Dawson , with Mervyn behind the mixing desk.
Sounds from Heavy Loaded, The First Chancers and The Fuzz Bomb Band are woven between sketches and plays from Arty Party.Listen loud, enjoy and tell your friends !

The Show featured music from


Heavy Load

The 1st Chancers

fb composit square_may2012

and the fuzz bomb band

Arty Party Radio

Arty Party Radio


We have been very busy over the last few weeks, putting together three exciting radio shows.

The shows feature sketches and plays by Arty Party alongside music by some fantastic learning disabled bands including Dele Fakoya, The Fish Police, and Beat Express.

Each week for the next three weeks we will be posting up a new show on here.

Please listen to the shows all the way through , there is some great music and much more.

and don’t forget to let us know what you think about Arty Party Radio

Mervyn at the desk

and a big thanks to the musicians and bands, 


Dele Fakoya


Beat Express


The Fish Police

The best place is by the fire

No session today due to all the snow and ice. But the space by the roaring log fire is in demand.

Change (version 1)

If we don’t show emotions it gives the audience a chance and space to create their own pictures and ideas about what is going on and the relationships between us.

Not acting is a big as skill as acting.

Many thanks to ‘The frantic assembly book of devising’ for some of the ideas behind making this work. This is a simple , no edit, one shot version of the piece a more complex version will follow.

St Valentine’s scripts

As a group we love creating our own original work but we feel, in order to increase our chances of gaining employment as performers and actors, we need to become good at reading and learning lines from scripts. Here are a couple of love themed, one minute plays that we have rehearsed for you to listen to.

A post from Media and Performance trainee Nathan Campbell

My name is Dread Rhime aka Nathan Campbell

 I and I write poetry about my Life

and the way I and I see life.

 I keep a daily diary to

Express myself

I am a rasta man

And I and I use my drum to talk to the whole world

 And  use my poetry to connect with life and everyday life and problems with it.

 And dats whats happening with me at dis moment.

What I want in my future is,

 To make my album on cd

and to join a rasta drumming with other rastafarians and me.

 I and I want to record a demo.

 Blood and fire I want to meet new friends.

 I want to become a professional actor

 If I can or not , This is me, this is I and I



Jingle Jangle – Creating experimental sound for community and commercial radio

We had a creative and productive day with professional musician Anna Ryder, exploring instruments, programming ideas and jingle making.
Apart from much enjoyment, laughter and creativity we came away with lots of ideas for radio programmes to make and some sounds, jingles and pieces of music we are proud of. We worked in small groups with time deadlines to create ideas, produce the sound, record and perform the final results, here have a listen

Celebrate Me !

Last Friday Arty Party had a fantastic ‘Celebrate Me!’ night. Sean Nightingale from Arty Party media training was there with the microphone to get everyone’s views and to soak up the great atmosphere.

click here to listen

One of the highlights of the night was an award ceremony for Arty Party members personal achievements in 2012 . The range of achievements was breathtaking here is a list from some of the  36 entries

I have piloted an aerobatic stunt-flight
I have held a chicken
I have become myself
I can dance
I can now use public transport independently
I have become engaged to my fiancé
I’ve learnt to knit
Being volunteer of the year
I have learned to write
I have made my own film and shown it at a festival in Moscow
I choose my own beautiful clothes to wear
I have overcome the fear of water and learnt to swim
Making a christmas cake all on my own
I have caught a giant eel
I’ve starred in the role of Harry Potter
I have skied down an Andorran mountain
Made friends with a beautiful white horse
Won the long jump
I have travelled to Australia to be with my family
I have written a poem about tigers
Bhangra dancing !
Im on a board of governors
I’ve lived for the day just been me because you never know what is round the corner.

Click here for achievement interviews


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